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How are you all doing? I hope everyone is fine J. Yesterday while me and my friend were chatting, she actually complemented on my skin :D, which must be the result of taking proper care of my skin these days. Before I was too lazy to even use toner or a moisturizer and then after getting loads of pimples suddenly, I became aware of taking good care of my skin. Since then, I never stopped doing it (still cheats a little, don’t we all do the same :D). So, I thought of sharing a post about some skin care products, we women can’t live without :D. So, read on angels.

  1. Face wash/Cleanser:

We all know how much a face wash/ cleanser is needed in our life to keep our face clean, fresh and keeps oil at bay by cleaning dirt. We should choose a good cleanser according to our skin type.

  1. Facial Scrub:

A good facial scrub or exfoliator is a must have in our skin care routine as it removes dead cells from skin effectively making it smooth & supple. It makes skin healthy & glowy.

  1. Toner:

A toner plays an essential part in taking good care of our skin perfectly. It keeps face oil-free & avoids break outs. I love to use kaya’s facial toner a lot.

    1. Moisturizer/ Body Lotion:

The most important step that I ignored for a long time “stupid me”. It moisturizes skin keeps it hydrated and makes it smooth. It also helps in putting up our base makeup without any patchiness.

I personally never liked to use a body lotion except in winters but after realizing what it actually does to my skin, I never skipped it since then :D. Grab your body lotion & apply generously just after your shower. It would keep your skin soft & moisturized all day long.


  1. Sun screen:

A good sun screen is a life saver for all of us. It protects our skin from harsh sun-rays. It helps in preventing tan to some extents too.

  1. Foot & Hand Cream:

A good foot & hand cream should not be ignored ever :D. It is the key of getting baby soft beautiful hand & foot. Chapped and cracked heels can be avoided with regular use of a foot cream. It not only moisturizes our tired hand & feet but also makes it healthy.

  1. Under-eye Cream:

A good under eye cream is really essential for treating and preventing under eye circle as well as puffiness & wrinkles around tired eye area.

    1. Night Cream:

Night cream treats our skin while we sleep. So, never forget to use a good night cream to get a healthy glowing skin every morning.

  1. Lip Balm:

Prevent dry chapped lips keeping a lip balm always with you & be ready to show your juicy lips any time of the day :D.

  1. Shaver:

Yeah a shaver always comes in handy when we don’t have time to rush into a beauty salon to remove those kinky hair & you are already late for the occasion. So always keep it in handy 😀

    1. Perfume:

No matter how much you are tired, it instantly makes you fresh. Our bf love us for our body smell also :D, so never skip it never, ever. And always keep it in your hand bag. After all it reflects our personality too.


I hope you all would like it. Share your must have skin care products too. Take care angels.

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